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Alpair12PW+Alpair7P update (マークとスコットからのメッセージ)

前回のボックスデザインを掲載したところ『バスレフの口径が分らないんですが・・・』と連絡があり、早速Whatup でマークの送ったら沢山の返事が2人から帰ってきました。






— Scott から—

Hi Mark, Norio

As an advance notice: I do want to revise the XO for that box soon, so if possible, it may be worth holding fire until I’ve made said adjustments.
XO :クロスオーバー

Best regards



— Markからの返事です—

I’d like to encourage you to offer a “dip” version as an option. There’s always allot of interest in Japan for vintage XO principles. As with V1, we should consider the net surface area, being significantly large compared to standard 2 way systems. A dipped XO option could be useful, interesting and help germinate addition curious experimentation, a positive trait in Japan.

There’s no need to worry about the accuracy of the XOs.  Norio san will explain in Japanese that these circuits are “suggestions” their values might need adjustment to suit Japanese situations

I recommend you make some explanation text that Norio can translate to help end-users take on some or all of your thinking.

日本の伝統的なネットワーク設計は総じてクロスオーバーの谷を少し深くとる様に設計しているのがほとんどで、設計にいそしんだ人達が経験で身に付けたネットワークで、同じ事をマークは”dip” virsion と表現しています。そして待たないで日本の皆さんに”suggestions”として出して欲しいと言っています。

Hi Mark,

Per earlier, attached. An alternative filter design for the 12PW/7P box. I’m slightly hamstrung in not having in-box measurements to work with, but I’ve modified the anechoic data to add step losses, diffraction etc. into it. It won’t be perfect as this & the impedance are a bit of a fudge, but I expect it will give a better starting point. It’s got about 4.5dB correction for step loss, so best not positioned right up against a wall or corner. The power response graph is very conservative as the 7P has better dispersion than the software indicates.


























































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